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Cheerful Dolphin With Blue Stones Pendant Brand 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry 2023 Accessorie Good Luck Gift For Woman

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Jewellery for good luck: Dolphin as a power animal and symbol for freedom and happiness of life.Cheerful dolphin: This large necklace pendant is elaborately fashioned, depicting a streamlined power animal in a 3D-design, made of partly blackened 925 Sterling silver. The dolphin is presented in a powerful leap and is accentuated with hand-set gemstones in a colour gradient from white, over aquamarine to intensive dark blue. Apart from this, also the eyelet of the pendant is decorated with sparkling gemstones, the dolphin’s eyes shine through a dark blue stone setting and the stomach is adorned with wave-shaped cut-outs.

The dolphin is a power animal and represents freedom and happiness of life. This turns the necklace pendant into a lucky charm and a meaningful present for special people.


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