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SO16079442 Cartoon Shark Sleeping Bag Pajamas

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Product description

1. Uniquely styled Shark pajamas and realistic prints wrap around your legs and feet, allowing you to get into character every time you put them on.

2. Made of the softest flannelette fabric, soft to lightweight and comfortable, warm and durable, let you warm through every cold night.

3. There are five sizes to choose from, M size for 110cm-125cm, L size for 126cm-142cm, XL size for 143cm-160cm, XXL size for 161cm-180cm, XXXL size for 181cm-200cm,if you are over your normal weight, please choose a size larger
(M) 57in*27.5in/150* 70cm        (M)150 is suitable for 1.1m-1.25m height
(L)67in*27.5in/170* 70cm           (L)170 is suitable for 1.26m-1.42m height
(XL) 75in*35.5in/190*90cm         (XL)190 is suitable for 1.43m-1.60m height
(2XL)83in*35.5in/210*90cm        (2XL)210 is suitable for 1.61m-1.80m height
(3XL)90in* 49.21in/230* 125cm  (3XL)230 is suitable for 1.81-2m height

4. As a cool gift, Shark pajamas are the perfect choice for shark lovers. Make your friend or family member one of the coolest people around and let them enjoy tenderness and warmth.

5. To avoid mixing with other clothing, it is recommended to wash the shark sleeping bag separately. You can wash the soft Shark sleeping bag in the washing machine, add your favorite detergent, wash on a mild mode, and dry on a low temperature

Product Category: Pajamas

Name of fabric: Flannel

Style: Pullover

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